Greek Donkey Milk, Olive Oil Cosmetics

Greek Donkey Milk, Olive Oil Cosmetics Greek Donkey Milk, Olive Oil Cosmetics

Ten years ago, her husband made a farm with horses and donkeys in Edessa, out of love for the four-footed creatures. It was then that Crysoula Tsirogka, knowing about the beneficial properties of donkey milk, decided to give it every day to her child, who was facing respiratory problems.

Since then, the child no longer needed medicine and his condition was significantly improved. Commercial use of the milk, however ran into problems with Greek law and marketing.

An alternative solution came from her business mind: 18 months ago, she started making face and body care products, replacing the water with donkey milk and olive oil.

The beneficial effect of that milk has to do with the treatment of skin diseases (such as eczema, psoriasis and dry skin), the skin rebuilding and the dead cell removal as well as the coping with acne and wrinkles, she claims.

"The soaps are made with the cold process, while the temperature of the milk does not exceed 35 to 40 degrees, in order not to damage its beneficial properties. Specifically, this milk contains proteins fat, lactose, vitamins and casein, which makes it beneficial for the body," she told the Greek news agency AMNA.

Commercial and consumer interest appeared soon and the soaps were quickly available on the shelves of selected stores in Santorini, Kastoria, Katerini, Trikala, Kalamata, Karditsa and Messinia. Manufactured without state or European subsidies, the results of this business activity were soon visible. The list was enriched with pilling of donkey milk, seaweeds and poppy seeds and with green clay face scrub.

"Only six units throughout Greece are working with donkey milk and in fact three of them started the last year. But the more they are the better, for the healthy competition and the cooperation for the promotion of cooperative products," she said.

The donkey milk and olive oil products will be exhibited from May 17-19 at the Agroquality Festival 2013 in Athens, next to cornelian cherry liqueur from Imathia, traditional pasta with bulgur from Kilkis and many more traditional products from Central Macedonia and the whole country, such as olive oil, olives, wine, traditional pasta, herbs, renowned Greek cheeses, cold meats etc.

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  • Author: Maria Arkouli
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