Milestone ...Organic Raw Cream of Unripe Olives "Awarded"

MILESTONE MILESTONE ...Of Dreams And Knowledge

MILESTONE marks the start of a new standard for early harvest olive oil: the cream of RAW olive oil. MILESTONE is a superior form of organic unripe olive oil, hand-collected drop by drop with a timely handcrafted precision. More precious and rare even than the finest early harvest olive oil, which in the past, was exclusively available to olive oil producers.

MILESTONE is a non-blended raw extract. It is not cold pressed but processed under the total absence of heat, a process that protects its nutritional value.

MILESTONE is made entirely by hand, from the gathering of the fruit, to the milling using granite millstones, and then the collection of the cream of the unripe olive oil. The human hand alone completes the process without the use of mechanical means.

MILESTONE is based on an innovative production process by bringing together traditional olive oil processing practices with up to date, state-of-the-art research practices in the olive oil sector. The adopted methodology drastically reduces the oxidation of the olive paste.

Early harvest and special treatment gift it with high polyphenol levels. This is where MILESTONE's unique pungent and peppery flavor, with a strong aroma of unripe olives comes from.

All the above establish it as a "MILESTONE" for health and nutrition!



Re-Inspire Greece from the Youth Up

Re-Inspire-Greece-from-the-Youth-Up award



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