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Pollen... Pollen... by Aroma Melissas

The melissogyri is a new miraculous food that produces the bee, that is a product of the hive that modern experimental research brought to light the current routine. As already ascertain the art, contains valuable nutritional and therapeutic properties. It is an irreplaceable source of natural proteins and the integration of the human daily life brings incredible results.

Pollen helps in mental function, strengthens the contraction of the heart, diuretic. Corrects the balance of metabolism and contributes not only to reduce weight but also to increase metabolic rate. significantly reduces the problems of menopause and anemia. Consumed as such as it is dissolved in a juice, mixed with honey.

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Panagiotakos Nikos

Our honey is a special delicacy.The bees collect us for you the best herbs of Greek land from selected locations throughout Greece. Our products they include our excellent thyme honey flavors, orange, fir and-thyme flowers.You will also find pollen, royal jelly, salves and balsam oil.

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