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Royal Jelly... Royal Jelly... by Aroma Melissas

Royal jelly, consists of 67% water, 15.5% protein, 12.5% ​​sugar and 4% lipids and mineral salts. The protein provides all the essential amino acids in adequate proportions. The sugars consist mainly of fructose and glucose at about a fixed ratio, similar to honey. The lipid ratio is a very important and interesting feature of royal jelly. Lipids are composed mainly of fatty acids in an unusual and rare structure, the main ydroxytransdekenoiko acid having antibacterial and fungicidal properties. What gives amazing properties to royal jelly is the abundance of B vitamins that are crucial for the proper functioning not only of our nervous system and entire body.

Moreover, also affects the nervous system, allowing the transport vibrations by a nerve fiber to another. Finally in royal jelly, there are organic acids having a similar effect to insulin and stimulates adrenaline secretion.

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Panagiotakos Nikos

Our honey is a special delicacy.The bees collect us for you the best herbs of Greek land from selected locations throughout Greece. Our products they include our excellent thyme honey flavors, orange, fir and-thyme flowers.You will also find pollen, royal jelly, salves and balsam oil.

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